Susie Parry. Commissions

Susie has wide experience in the field of commissioned art works, including illustrations for 14 educational children books and 6 book covers, private painting commissions and murals. Susie was commissioned to create an expansive 2-panel mural (each measuring approximately 3m x 4m) for the reception area in the Children's Cancer Centre at Monash Medical Centre. More recently Susie has been completing private commissions in botanical art and portraits.

Commissions are welcome in (but not limited to) the following subjects/formats:


Susie creates exquisite, highly detailed realistic/scientific botanical drawings and paintings taken from life.

Private Commission Process: You choose the flower or image you wish to have reproduced. Susie then considers the most favourable arrangement and composition to highlight your chosen subject. You will be given the opportunity to view the working drawing to make sure it fulfils your wishes. When you are happy with the design the image is then transferred onto watercolour paper and the painting is completed.
Materials used: Watercolour paints and/or gouache’ and 300 gm. Arches watercolour paper.
Size: Ranging from A4 – A2
Cost: Depends on the scale and complexity of the design.


Susie creates highly (photographic style) realistic paintings. A portrait may include the face only, torso or the whole body. When commissioning a portrait of himself or herself, a family member or friend, clients often choose to personalise the portrait further by including a symbolic or sentimental object that holds a special meaning for the person being painted.
Materials used: Oil paint on stretched canvas. Stretcher is to requested size. Canvas varies in price from primed cotton duck to primed Belgium linen.
Cost: Depends on the scale and complexity of the design.


Murals are large scale works usually commissioned for an industrial or corporate setting in support of advertising or a theme that communicates the company’s mission and core values. See the Underwater Mural at the Children's Cancer Centre, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton Campus.
Mural Process: After an depth consultation with the client, a sketch of the proposed image is drawn using pencil and then a small colour study is provided in pencil or conte’ for approval. The image is then enlarged onto hardboard or canvas on which the painting is completed.
Materials used: Acrylic or oil paint on hardboard or stretched canvas.
Size: As stipulated by the client.
Cost: Varies depending on the size of the finished work and the complexity of the design.


Whether aimed at children or adults, book illustrations support text by creating a visual context for complex or instructional content and by visually enhancing story telling.
Materials used: Watercolour paint and/or gouache’, 300 gm. and Arches watercolour paper.
Cost: Depends on the scale and complexity of the design.


A range of gifts cards based on botanical Illustration are available. High-resolution images are professionally scanned and printed on quality card stock. The cards come with envelopes and are presented in a protective cellophane sleeve.

Cards are sold in packs of 10. There are 6 designs.

Private commissioned botanical illustrations can be printed onto gift cards.

Susie also offers to print your commission on gift cards. This is a great way to share your commissioned work with friends and family. (Commissioned works are not used for other publicly sold cards)

Cost: Variable depending on the number of cards ordered.